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california pueden comunicarse a (información en pantalla) o por internet >> huracán raymond cobró fuerza el lunes y permanece estacionado ante costas de méxico. como precaución evacuaron a personas de area al este de acapulco. se mantiene como huracán categoría 3 >> la agencia nacional de seguridad según información de edward snowden, espió al presidente de méxico felipe calderón, calificó la información obtenida como lucrativa. gobierno mexicano condenó la violación a la privacidad >> ♪. >> si acostumbra darle nalgadas a sus hijos para que se porten bien, lo más seguro es que no logre su objetivo. estudio dice que son más agresivos >> estudio determinó que conseguir leche materna en lugares desconocidos puede ser peligroso, la comprada en internet tiene 3 veces más oportunidades de tener salmonela >> al volver: cada vez más hombres hacen las compras en su casa >> en deportes los san francisco 49rs aterrizaron en londres >> feliz lunes, inicio de semana. al regresar: buenas condiciones para nosotros, méxico en advertencia >> en sanf se acabaron los días de playa >> en
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and get his act together. we'll meet vincent's older brother raymond when we come back. >> next on the test -- >> somebody trying to bash you. get it [bleep] right. now you want to be -- is that for real? >> vincent. vincent. 88888888jñjñjnxñññwóóó >>> do you like action? >> who do you mea you want to witness shocking results? if you're in the l.a. area and would like to be in the studio audience for a taping of "the test," go to " >> the following program contains mature subject matter. rescuer discretion is advised. -- viewer discretion is advised. [applause] >> welcome back. fannie says she wants to know if vincent, her boyfriend of four years, has been tapping anyone else's fannie recently. he swears he's been keeping it zipped and wants to prove it to fannie today. vincent's older brother raymond is backstage. he says his brother is a liar who lies about anything to anybody including getting a job. he wants him to man up, get a job, and stop wasting his life. please welcome raymond to the show. [applause] >> come on now, dog. come on, for real? you rea
evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> tropical storm raymond is in the pas civic and is just below hurricane strength this evening as it bears down on mexico. meteorologist krak setzer of wfol has more on this. what are we expecting? >>. >> good evening, jeff t looks like raymond is going to page a very close approach to the mexican coast. as of this evening winds are 70 miles an hour which puts it just below hurricane strength and it's drifting to the north, northwestment but it has been intensifying quite rapidly. the forecast is for it to become a hurricane, possibly a category 2 storm. get very close to the coast. then steering currents change and should take out to sea. the real question is how close will it get. it was just a month ago that hurricane manual hit this area and did quite a bit of damage, jeff. >> craig setzer, thank you very much. in australia a state of emergency has been declared following bush fires that have burned more than 90,000 acres. there are more than 50 fires in all. and they destroyed 200 homes in new south wales. andrew denney of australia's network 10 has m
dtroad el futerovisional quea do tanto debido al hucÁn raymond, pero como se prÓ la nte esta v > el dilio de la biblia cen e les caÓ aquÍ yicen no tmi la casa de pilar fue inunda p la rÍo ahora raond quiereinundahla otra ve yon eoimpia la rop >>o dormimos porque m cas >>> su casa eÁ e guerrero a ualue en laayorÍa de septiere perdiÓ todo por na manuel y ahora espÓvien y lliae raymond >>> es un riesgo pero estamos mÁs cÓ aquÍ >>el huracÁn continuo en l costas d guerrero aunques categorÍa uno, su viento y s lluviaantienenl peligro >>> no rresenta que ha,e hayaisladol peligro, las ertas sigu pernentes >>> y es que lverÁ en 21 estas Ía mony raymon impacta en tierra pero si la noches oscura el desastre lo mÁs. hace un mes conocimiento a aneloanuel dicestrÓ su casa y panaderia y su laluvi de raymd no loa empezar otra vez. >>> remos lo poco que y tenemos de nuevo elgua encim otraez >> lluvi les cÓ como si fua casgo del cielo. y como pues v aquÍ la wl vlalluvia agua, faltan dias por lque hace peligroso al huracÁn raymond regreso congo. >>> acias raÚl torres. loexrtos dicen que
. he is raymond raiser, as you can see, he has been blind since 13. his wife of 17 years, renee, and there's the dog right there and the dog's name? all three evicted. first of all, how did you learn about this? what happened today? >> well, i learned about it when they knocked on the door today and the sheriff told me that he had an eviction notice for me and i was surprised because i had just been to the court october 7 and talked to the lawyer, but he asked me, can we make some arrangements, because he didn't want to come into court. >> has been in court, you had been behind, but you thought you had gotten a reprieve, that you were close to up to date? >> we hadn't gotten any notice in any accessible form that raymond could read that they were going to take the house regardless of money. they told us today that site manager told us that money wouldn't solve this problem today. and we thought we were one month behind, but the attorney told us not to come into the court. >> your sole income is social security disability. it's $1100 a month? >> yes. >> $7667. >> 767. >>
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, hurricane raymond is getting stronger near mexico's soaked pacific coast. national hurricane center in miami says raymond is a category three hurricane with winds up to 120 miles per hour. >> microsoft pulled a windows update from the website after it caused customers' devices to crash. they apologized and says they removed the update from the windows store and trying to resolve the situation. the operating system is if if you are using personal computers. >> apple has a special event in san francisco making no mention of what is unveiled. the hint is "we still have a lot to cover." interest centers around ipad updates and the mini. >> two bart workers were killed and the ntsb steps up the investigation. we are day four into the strike. >> and is a cooling-off period in the a.c. transit dispute warranted? >> truckers at the port of oakl at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. all across america, people are using lysol in hundreds of ways. what's christine's story? i started using lys
. >> still head a powerful hurricane raymond parked off the coast of mexico tonight. >> this is the area devastated by the tropical storm manuel. you can see in these pictures rain the storm already dumped. >> sandhya patel is tracking the storm and joins us. >> yes. let me show you live doppler 7 hd first we'll talk about hurricane raymond in just a moment. you can see it's socked in with a powerful category tree three. just packing winds 125 miles per hour gusts to 155 miles per hour. and moving east a little bit. watch this forecast. expected to move westward as a category three. it's slow moving storm so some western mexican states expected to see four to eight inches of rain isolated. sodz flash flooding across the area. here is what it looks like in the bay area san francisco, barely visible. a fog layer mere the coast. oakland 64 degrees. about two to nine degrees cooler this afternoon. you probably felt it near the coast. ing if has been stubborn all day long. looking towards mount diablo, sun is shining. check out our cool spot. into low 80s in fairfield, livermore. that is what
. >>> and this morning hurricane raymond is gaining strength as it moves toward mexico's pacific coast. it's located 165 miles southwest of acapulco. it's sustained winds of 110 miles an hour with higher gusts. the storm may remain offshore, but if it does make land, it wouldn't happen until today or tomorrow. raymond is headed to the same area that was hit hard by tropical storm manuel next month. >>> and weather conditions are not helping firefighters battle one of the most destructive wildfires ever seen in australia's most heavily populated state. more than a dozen fires are burning out of control in the blue mountains west of sydney. we have more from katumba. >> reporter: an unparalleled emergency. that's how authorities are describing the bushfire crisis here in south wales. now conditions are expected to worsen in the next couple of days, sparking fears that two major fires could join forces to create a mega fire. >> we're not miracle makers but we'll do the very best we can to limit the department toll very it's extra tragically blackening it. >> they're acutely aware that the do nothing approa
paso del huracÁn raymond. con vientos de 160 millas, y azotÓ a varios estados del pacÍfico mexicano, el gobernador de guerrero, dio a conocer la declaratoria de emergencia que afectarÍa a diversas comunidades de la entidad. >>> vamos a presentar la declaratoria de emergencia para 9a municipios. igualmente, instrui a la secretaria de educaciÓn para que en los municipios antes mencionados se proceda a suspender las actividades escolares. >>> esta trayectoria nos lleva a decir que en prÓximas 72 horas en guerrero, particularmente y la parte sur de michoacÁn, tendremos que estar en comunicaciÓn con autoridades. >>> las autoridades federales dieron a conocer la posibilidad de daÑos en rÍos, la crecida de lo mismos cÓmo se ve a mis espaldas, serÍa un punto determinante en la hora por venir, dado la fuerza del meteoro, seguiremos al pendiente regresamos al estudio. >>> a tomar medidas necesarias para protegerse, las escuelas fueron cerradas hasta nuevo aviso, seguiremos al tanto para mantenerlos informados, gracias ivÁn. vamos a la pausa, el agua se tiÑe de sangre, una historia terr
storm, which is just now become a hurricane category 1. this is the tropical storm raymond, and the problem with this storm is that it's moving into an area that just last september, the middle of the month of september, acapulco got so much rainfall, we had excessing flooding and lives were lost from mudslides. very destructive storm, and that was manuel. now we have raymond heading to the similar state. it's going to be just sitting offshore spinning around. bands of very heavy rainfall from thunderstorms and showers. the track of this is to move closer to the shore by tuesday, and it is not until tuesday that we're going to say it finally make a turn out into open water. the bigger issue with this storm is it's still very uncertain what the path will be and how much rain and wind the coast of acapulco will get once again still reeling from manuel last month. then we're watching typhoon francisco. it will make a similar tract towards japan as their last typhoon did. we keep tracking the storms that hit over and over around the pacific. we have another system offshore, and
mano criminal luego de la ola de incendios. el huracÁn raymond deja intensas lluvias a su paso. algunos se diegan a abandonar sus hogares en la zona de peligro. cientÍficos podrian tener sus manos la cura de la calvicie, la clave estÁ en un cultivo de laboratorio. wisin es perseguido por la policÍa, vean en exclusiva al reguetonero como nunca antes. esto y mÁs ahora mismo en "primer impacto". >>> hola quÉ tal. bienvenidos a "primer impacto". les saluda pamela silva conde. >>> y tambiÉn les saluda bÁrbara bermudo, gracias por estar con nosotros. >>> comenzamos con la violenta muerte de un hincha asesinado por aficionados de un equipo rival de fÚtbol, en colombia, el acto fue captado en video, adriana tiene las imÁgenes. >>> poco despuÉs de la medianoche, esta cÁmara muestra el momento en el que dos hinchas de millonarios se refugian en una casa al parecere asustados. minutos despuÉs. vean, juan pablo molano de capucha y sus amigos seguidores del equipo atlÉtico nacional, desrcargan su furia con una lluvia de piedras contra la casa de hinchas azules. adentro intentan proteger
. attorneys contend that he meant to fire his training weapon at raymond gray as part of an exercise in what was called the fatal funnel. the defense set security policies required him to carry his duty weapon. the prosecution insists this case is about choices. he is charged with assault and reckless endangerment. gray is being treated for an intensive brain injury out of state. >> the sun made a comeback for the beginning of the week, now the clouds are back in place signifying a change coming in the atmosphere. currentes, the temperature. the dew point rising into the upper 50's. humidity at 75%. sun is looking out a little bit. temperatures are climbing into the upper 60's to low 70's. most of the showers have stayed to our west. for raine a chance tomorrow and we will talk about that in the seven-day. >> we are monitoring a water main break. we were over the scene this morning were public works officials say a 10 inch main broke. that is still shutdown leaving the national aquarium, power plant, and the columbus center without water. crews are urging water -- drivers to avoid the area.
. recklessrged with endangerment in the shooting of raymond gray in a training exercise back in february. gray is not expected to testify in a criminal case. attorney has filed a $5 million civil suit. authorities are on the lookout for escaped inmate. the 33-year-old took off at 1:00 this afternoon. he was last seen running towards the highway. authorities say that he has tattoos on his arms, chest, and his name is on his right arm. he is serving a five-year sentence for armed robbery. if you see him, call the police. up next, arrest after a suicide of a teenage girl. the suspect in custody are two middle-aged girls -- teenage girls. the supreme court makes a key decision about the new gun law. the emotional story on this photo of an injured army ranger. >> there is some rain in the forecast. skiesnow, cloudy >> the u.s. supreme court took up the biggest case of the term. another challenge to affirmative action. the judges began hearing arguments about a voter approved ban on college admissions in michigan. there are preferential treatment. the michigan state attorney general says the law is
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of maryland cadets raymond in february. they could use a firearm to scare trainees. he lost an eye and the incident and filed a lawsuit against the city for $5 million. general hasorney picked his lieutenant governor. from princeicate george's county. she will have to give up her seat to chase the democratic on -- the democratic -- in a statement he apologized for making a few troopers on his detail uncomfortable. if you have applied for a tax filing extension, don't think to push it off. the deadline for filing is still today. bond devices found at the los angeles international airport. the latest on the discoveries coming up as we cover the nation. >> the problems with george w. bush's heart is more serious than first imported. reportedly-old received -- his coronary artery was 95% blocked. try ice devices were found at los angeles international airport overnight. it is the second day of the homemade devices that were discovered in restricted areas neare airport, including the tarmac. >> whoever is leading these dry ice bombs behind has access to a restricted area. night we were
weather systems. first, tropical storm raymond forming on mexico's pacific coastline bringing rain to many tourist towns. chilly air settles in across the united states, believe it or not, bringing snow to the north. meteorologist janet dean in the weather center. >> let's talk about the tropics. then i will show you the snow. we expect raymond to become a hurricane within the next 12 to 24 hours. it's going to remain off shores, but we could have heavy downpours and gusty winds. worried about mudslides. it's a beautiful resort town. we'll continue to watch rain. i hovers along the coast bringing heavy rain and some gusty winds, the potential for mudslides will be enormous unfortunately for this area if it continues to move inland. in some cases we could get over a foot of rain depending on the track ofry mond so we'll need to monitor this. talk about the snow. not a huge dumping of snow but it will make things messy. if you don't like winter, it's a harsh reminder of what's to come. you can see that snow moving across the upper midwest, into the great lakes and it's going to be cold tonig
committed there. >> taking a look at mild weather ask a look at hurricane raymond pounding the pacific coast of mexico in pacific coast of mexico in just a momom [ male announcer ] you got to love the weekend. it's l like everyone came together and said, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any way you want it. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. >>> it's day four of the bart strike here is a look at i 80 in berkeley. you can see it's slow out there. this is not the worst spot seen in the bay area. many are impassable in spots. the toll plaza one of them. but as you look at i 80 moving along but slowly. the state labor board heard from both sides in ac transit contract dispute today on how a strike could impact the bay area. if that system stops working a panel will decide whether a 60 day cooling off period should be called. that would bar workers from striking and block ac transit from locking out workers managers asked 9 with the governor to start process last week when a strike was
. >>> some severe weather we are watching this evening. hurricane raymond taking aim at an area of mexico coast which was inundated last month by a tropical storm. raymond is now a large category three, could mean really heavy rain around the region around acapulco. forecasters say it will glance by the coast, continuing to churn more wind, more rain before then heading back out to open waters. >>> overseas today, signs of overwhelming air pollution in a city of 11 million people in northeastern china brought to a virtual stand still by choking smog. people walking around wearing masks. incredible images of near-zero visibility. schools canceled classes, highway traffic paralyzed. the airport was shut down. chinese officials are calling this officially, quote, heavy fog. they're blaming the air emergency on coal fired heaters being turned on with the arrival of the cold weather season. and farmers who burn their corn stalks after the harvest this time of year. you'll remember as we broadcast just last week, the world health organization has warned air pollution as a major cause of cancer
correo electrÓnico del expresidente felipe calderÓn. >>> el huracÁn raymond amenaza con traer fuertes lluvias a la zona de mÉxico que el mes pasado salieron devastadas por las inundaciones y le damos un vistazo a las temperaturas actuales esta noche a las 11 con 10 minutos cuando estamos transmitiendo, completamente en vivo desde nuestros estudios en san francisco, donde el termÓmetro marca 50 grados. estÁ haciendo frÍo. >>> na san josÉ mÁs calidad 54 grados fahrenheit. >>> 49 en oakland y los mismos 49 en santa rosa ya volvemos con mÁs. p >>> el presidente barack oba obama... para inscribirse a un seguro mÉdico. el mandatario dijo que su administraciÓn solucionara los problemas del sitio web. y no tuvo lista para el primero de octubre y volviÓ a postergase su lanza. hasta noviembre. >>> >>> estamos frustrados, no estÁ todo listo pero, es un punto muy importante, decir que hay otras opciones para nuestra comunidad. >>> organizaciones hispanas indica un que la comunidad puede inscribirse usando mÉtodos mÁs tradicionales como la lÍneas telefÓnicas oye nando formularios po
news, washington. >>> this morning, hurricane raymond continues to churn off the western coast of mexico. as much as eight inches of rain could fall by tomorrow. raymond is a category 3 hurricane with 120-mile-per-hour winds. the worst of the storm is expected to stay offshore, but authorities have moved out hundreds of people from isolated mountain communities, and low-lying shore areas in case of dangerous rain. >>> something to think about as we enjoy another day of great weather here in the bay area. check out what folks in minnesota are dealing with as snow hit them hard. enough to make snow balls and drivers to scrape off their cars. the snow has moved out of the region, the temperatures there will have a tough time getting into the 40s the next couple of days. >> here in the bay area, people visiting the beach are being warned to watch out for potentially deadly waves. the national weather service said rip currents and swells capable of sweeping people out to sea are expected until this afternoon from sonoma to monterey county. waves like these were blamed for several de
. hurricane raymond is threatening southern mexico tonight. this is the view from the international space staition. raymond is parked off the pacific coast and could dump more than a foot of rain on this region still recovering there a tropical storm last month. we're back in just a moment. it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart a
5 millones de dÓlares. >>> el huracÁn raymond se oferta mre c fortaleciÓ hasta convertirse en categorÍa 3 y estÁ afectando mayormente los estados de michoacÁn y guerrero. el fenÓmeno al momento tiene venta vien vientos de hasta 149 millas por horas y genera lluvias co t torrenciales en la costa, se espera que raymond genera fuertes presidente picipitacion no en moralelos y pueblo, lo que s espera haga que deposite mucha agua y eso es peligroso. - y una niÑa de 4 aÑos estÁ al centro de un misterio internacional. las autoridades la encontraron durante una redada en un kame campamento de gitanos en grecia se teme que sea vÍctima de trÁfico humano, levantÓ sospechas porque es rubia de ojos azules muy diferentes a los ojos de sus presuntos padres y una prueba de adn confirmÓ la sospecha, la pareja ahora enfrenta cargos de secuestros, mientras las autoridades in est intentar determinar cuÁl es la niÑa y su verdadera identidad y tratar de encontrar a sus padres. una joven embarazada casi se desploma durante el discurso del presidente obama, estaba detrÁs del presidente
street, but on tropical storm raymond today. he is out there. where is raymond going? where could he hit? we will have the very latest from the fox extreme weather center next. >>> tropical storm raymond is out there. janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center. hi, janice. >> just named this morning. it is off the coast of mexico and we think it will become a hurricane within the next day or so and then just skinned of -- kind of drift near the coast. a lot of beautiful beach resorts here ago co poe co and -- acapulco and we could see the breezy conditions and the mudslide. this area has been vulnerable the last self-weeks with a lot of tropical systems making their way inland. we will track the trough pecks and all of the nation's weather through -- tropics and all of the nation's weather in the fox extreme weather center. back to you jie. we will follow raymond. thank you so much. >>> that does it for us. you can follow us on twitter. i'm eric shawn and i guess my handle at eric shawn on fox. >> as long as you sign up for fox i am jaime colby and i am at jaime colby tv, shocker.
at the airport there. something to keep an eye on. let's talk about hurricane raymond, still bringing heavy rainfall around the coastal areas there in mexico. acapulco, you could see about # 00 millimeters of rain. serious risk of flooding as this major hurricane lingers near the coastline. that will head back out to sea. also heavy snowfall around the great lakes. most of it will be reserved toward ontario. 10 to 15 centimeters. toward western portions of new york and pennsylvania, lake-effect snow will kick up tuesday into wednesday. 5 to 10 centimeters could fall in isolated areas. let's look at your world weather. here's your extended forecast. >>> and that was the news from tokyo. from all of us here on "newsline," thanks for watching. >>> two and a half years after the east japan earthquake, all kinds of recovery efforts are still going on in the stricken areas. this is the third time for this italian journalist to visit the tohoku region since the disaster. she started gathering information for an italian newspaper immediately after the earthquake. italy, her home country, is also
a hurricane off all cau pull co -- acapulco. hurricane raymond. it's expected to head out to the pacific the next couple of days. any travel plans there today or tomorrow, you might encounter delays. call ahead. 50s for some. 60s for others. but due to the fog, most locations are socked in. the fog will be back tonight and take us through tomorrow. there's plenty of high pressure. but it's fog or sun. it's finally heading back to the coast. it will stay cool there. inland temperatures get back in the upper 70s or a few low 80s. we have a big difference. it's like a mini summertime pattern. 50s to 80s now. the days are getting short. the angle of the stun is getting -- of the sun is moving. coast deals with fog. the nights are cool, the days are mild to warm. tori, i don't see much change. >> it looks like a repeat. >> it's very cold in the midwest. very fall-like in the middle east. but not here. >> thank you. >> you bet. >>> passionate pet owners are expected to pack a hearing about restrictions. >> new rules would affect where dogs are allowed in the geg reck -- reck -- in the golden g
reorganization, a streamlined management brought in designer raymond loewy to develop a new car. here is perfect balance that makes the champion hold its footing despite whirling-dervish driving. champion sales and lucrative wartime contracts brought the company back. studebaker had done a lot of work in terms of totally redesigning a new concept in automobiles. lester fox was vice president of the u.a.w. at studebaker. the new car did propel the corporation to national recognition that resulted in assembly plants in canada, the east coast, and california to meet the demand. the bullet-nose models, starting in 1949, added to studebaker's success. people joked, "is it going backward or forward?" the line called the champion was a terrific car. it was ahead of its time people joked, "is it going backward or forward?" in its great gas mileage and terrific comfort for four or five people. it was audacious-looking. studebaker celebrated its centennial in 1952 with its best year ever, selling some 335,000 cars, but its road to future profits took turns for the worse. 1953again, was a radical change. r
. >>> welcome back. another update on hurricane raymond. still a major hurricane but finally showing signs of weakening. it's drifted in the last 12 hours. it's been nearly stationary, just dropping a lot of rain there. thankfully the worst winds have been just off the coast. forecastwise today, another gorgeous day. looking at some of the extended forecasts for los angeles and san diego, maybe a bit of dense fog on the immediate coast. that's going to burn off quickly. we could go another week before we have any chance of any stormy weather. it will warm up in many spots towards the weekend. >> october in the west, right, bill? >> yes. >>> in pop news, wedding bells may be ringing for kimye. e! news is saying kim kardashian got the gift of a lifetime last night. kanye reportedly rented out the stadium and popped the question in front of family and friends. we're hoping that baby north was there as well. there were a couple seats for baby north. >>> this past weekend, rihanna had an impromptu photo shoot in front of a mosque in abu dhabi. she was escorted off the grounds, deeming her photo
into saturday. there's lows all over the place. down in southern california, now one of tmer us. raymond was supposed to start drifting out. could be another dicey day. 40s or 50s on the temps. 40s on some of these temps. dropping pretty fast. the coast will be dealing with fog. cool to cold. mild to warm inland . in between nice to maybe a little on the cool side. temperatures from 50s to 80s. it was i think 88 in clear lake. incredible. 73 sonomo. 77 walnut creek. brentwood out to oakley. 72 in san jose. a warr down towards gilroy but not a lot. and 50s on the coast. mid 60s, upp 60s to low 70s on the peninsula. not much change and maybe a few high clouds by saturday. overall, a very quiet pattern. >> thank you very much. 4:52. a priceless opportunity with one of the biggest stars with the 49 irrelevants. how colin of problem with bart after the strike is called off. live pictures of people jumping on charter buses this morning. what you need to know as you head out the door. >>> good morning. we're following breaking news. if you are just joining us, the bart strike is over. but, aga
, univisiÓn,>>> el huracÁn raymond ganÓ fuerza hoy se mantuvo esta c estac estacionado en la costa mexicana del pacÍfico. mÁs de cien personas fueron evacuados al este de acapulco, la policÍa de brasil, dispersÓ una protesta que se tornÓ violenta, cientos de manifestantes salieron a calles de rÍo de janeiro para mostrar su descontento por la licitaciÓn de yacimiento de prefoleo, subastado a la tarde, a 4 empresas extranjeras y una brasileÑa. >>> el alto mando del ejÉrcito dominicano dijo que repatriaron a mÁs de 47 mil haitianos que ingresaron de manera irregular al paÍs, duplican el nÚmero de deportados en el 2012, los cuerpos de seguridad de repÚblica dominicana reforzaron como nunca antes los controles en la frontera con haitÍ. las alcantarillas destapadas con la capital de colombia en bogoÁa causÓ una nueva tragedia, la protagonista es una pequeÑa de dos aÑos, muriÓ al caer en una de ellas, como cuenta juan carlos, comienzan cuestionamientos de quienes serÍan los responsables. >>> los esfuerzos para rescatar a michelle duraron tres horas, el desespero era manifiesto
, hurricane raymond is pounding with 150-mile-per-hour winds. in is dangerous flooding but it will move away the next 72 hours. the weekend should be okay but the devastation will be around for months. enjoy the nice weather, the afternoon the be nice. >> ladies, you may have noticed over the years you have put on a few pounds but the clothing size has stayed the same. show that possible? okay, before you get too excited you may not actually be getting thinner. according to the bloomberg business report, a dressmaker says because of vanity sizing, more women have the impression they are fitting into a small are size when they are really the same size we because the trick is the sizes are being numbered downward in the left decade so the same size closing, but they make it a 2 rather than a 4 so you feel better and you buy more. >> burst my bubble. >> a survey shows shoppers plan to spend more this holiday season. the auditing of financial consulting store says shoppers will spend an average of $421 on holiday gifts, up 8 percent from last year. discount box stores are no longer the top desti
pattern into next week. where rain is located across mexico you're looking at hurricane raymond this, is a category three that weakened. you can see it's here and they've been getting swells, rain, it's expected to move west and weaken but not before it drops rain. five to 10 inches of rain so if you have family there, they can be dealing with flash flooding and watching for the storm surge. watch out for fog along the coast. give yourself plenty of time. another mild one bay side skpinland. 77 san jose. comfortable day. fog keeping you on the cool side. cooler thursday, temperatures low 80s enland. more cloud cover over the weekend. no rain monday, tuesday. cooler than average for this time of the year but i don't think we have a lot to complain about. >> no. it's nice. >> thank you very much. >> still head billionaire boys club. >> yes. highest paid ceos >>> while wages remain stagnant foremost americans, it was a record year for folks like michael zuckerberg taking in $2.2 billion last year, richard kinder earned $1.1 billion. the first time two ceos earned more than a billion dol
peligroso, pero cÓmo estÁecibiendoa gente e racÁn raymond, vamos aer la historia. >>> el diluvio dicen que l cayÓ lÍ que noerminarÁ la casa de pilafue inundada hace un mes por el Ío y ahora el aa del huracÁn reind amenaza otra vez y con esa aguaue cor por el suelo, y limpia laopa que resÓ balde rro. >>> difÍl porque aho no
a little -- police recruit raymond gray at the rosewood center in owings mills. he meant to draw his simulation weapon instead he drew his revolver and he said it was intended to teach them to not propagate by doors, windows or always because doing so potentially puts you in the line of fire. he contends that they routinely keep live weapons with them during training exercises. >> there is nothing that has come out in seven months and i've been involved to suggest it was anything but an accident. accident implies it is something that no one had any control over. get complete control over what happened that day and it was only because of his actions at this injury happened. >> sometimes crying, his voice strained and full of straw emotions. i immediately realized it was the real weapon, it it makes a very distinctive sound. he said he summoned a fellow trainer to the scene and instructed them to comfort him while he went outside to call 911 because of poor cell phone service. his testimony contradicted others at the scene. they agreed to split the time carrying a sidearm for security
time today. >> officer william scott kern never meant to shoot police trainee raymond gray in the forehead but that's what happened at they taught a group of new recruit at the old rose wood center. a mistake that outraged even the mayor. >> there's no acceptable explanation for why live rounds were at a training exercise. >> police trainee derek allen among the first to testify describing kern armed with his real gun and a paint ball style gun. >> kern had his real gun at his hip and his training weapon just inches below. the employees testified that during the training kern mistakingly pulled out his gun at least one before >> after he did it the first time he heard him say, whoops, sorry, that's muscle memory. a short time later he made the same mistake, only this time pulling the trigger, striking gray, now left with brain damage and blinded in one eye. attorney dwight petit rep are resents gray in a civil suit. >> it seems to me he had to know which gun he had. i don't know how that's a mistake. >> reporter: late today the prosecution rested. the defense will begin pre
impressive hurricane. hurricane raymond. 121 miles an hour. its expected to head out into the pacific. but if you have travel plans to acapulco today or tomorrow, you might want to talk to your carrier. 40s and 50s. those by the coast have been stuck. its squashing that fog. reducing visibility. maybe a little mist and drizzle. 50s to 80s. it looks like 60s. low to mid 70s on the peninsula. menlo park 75. fog, sun with us all the way through the end of the week. that low will approach and spin in high clouds. otherwise a very quiet pattern. >>> time is 6:21. tomorrow the federal government will release its september jobs report. the report was due out 18 days earlier. but couldn't be #re leased because of the government shut down. economists expect the labor department to announce 185,000 new jobs were created in september. but they also forecast the unemployment rate will remain at 7.3%. of course that will not include the impact of the government shut down. >>> some federal workers will likely get paid twice for not working this month. several states are expected to allow federal wo
a major hurricane on pacific coast of mexico. close-up look at hurricane raymond in a moment and the accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> thanks. powerful story to see. why 2 north bay neighbors have been brought together for the first time by the experiences with world war ii concentration [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. >> more heart ache for family of woman missing at san francisco general hospital only to be found 17 days later in a stairwell at the same hospital. vick lee tonight with latest information on the death of 57-year-old lynn spalding. >> lynn spalding body found october 8 in stairwell at san francisco general hospital. she was reported missing from her bed almost 2 and a half weeks earlier. at the time spalding being treated for an infection. now reliable source tells us that one
of mexico. hurricane raymond producing rainfall. good news is that storm weakening, raymond was a category three today, category one, sustained winds 75 miles per hour. and showing very little movement, expected over next couple days to move due west into cooler waters where it will weaken down to tropical storm strength and weaker than that beyond this coming thursday. overnight tonight, mainly clear skies here in the bay area. fog neert coast. low temperatures low to mid-40s up in the north bay. mid to upper 40s in the north bay. and 79 in morgan hill, 72 san mateo. cool on the coast. and partly foggy as of 54 in pacifica. cool along the north coast. highs low to mid-50s but inland north bay will see highs around 80 degrees tomorrow into most locations. 75 union city. 76 fremont. and here is the accu-weather forecast mild weather will be with us throughout the week. the coast will remain cool with highs only into upper 50s to 60s, then next week, all areas starting to cool down. more clouds coming into the weather picture but still no rainfall. >> up next, kimye ready to tie the knot. th
the current president is out of power. the fighting killed more than 100,000 people. >>> hurricane raymond has weakened off the coast of mexico, max winds at 105 miles-per-hour. forecasters say raymond will move west, a. from the united -y from the united states. >> a rough day for mr. las vegas, the singer, wayne knot -- newton's, yacht sank. >>> the fbi just a short time ago confirmed to fox news they're trying to determine whether the young girl who turned up at a gypsy camp in greece could be baby lisa. baby lisa is a toddler that went missing in kansas city. the investigators are calling the young girl maria. and look at this side-by-side image. you can see another picture of maria on the right. police say the image on the left is what an artist believes lisa may look like today. he third birthday is next month. the police discovered maria at a gypsy camp in central greece. happened during a crackdown on illegal activities there. they'll say they picked the girl out because she looked nothing like the couple taking care of her. the authorities say the man and woman apparently kidnapped th
and substantial reason for carrying a weapon outside their home or business. raymond wohl already obtained -- raymond wollard was den newed when he went to renew his license because he could not prove he was still in danger. maryland law does not recognize a vague threat or general fear as a reason to get a gun. >>> 5:06. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> headline time. jessica doyle is here. >> good morning. world markets, wall street less than thrilled with delia's perch, congress not able to pull out some deal on the debt ceiling. stocks are down around the world this morning after triple digit losses here at home. the dow closed down 133 points standing today at 15,168. s&p 500 was down by 12. the nasdaq was off by 21 points. world markets do not like this. the fitch credit rating agency has come out and it's warning that it is reviewing the u.s. government's aaa credit rating for a possible downgrade. you know why here. because washington can't seem to get the credit ceiling deal double. the u.s. credit rating was placed on negative watch. if the u.s. starts def
raymond." of course, brad garrett feels everybody loves ray. not him. >> you're eating the brownies! >> i know, everything is for a very special guest, raymond. raymond, raymond, raymond, raymond. >> okay. so purdue did a study and what they found was that mothers actually did have a favorite over a period of time. they value the children who have similar values and beliefs and essentially the mothers are saying if i can't make my own decision, which of the children is most like me to continue my life as i've lived it? >> wow. that's almost a subconscious favorite. you could have a subconscious favorite. >> right. >> in a way because they remind me of me, so i'm going to give them more attention. i know this, they did a study, too, the people at purdue, these were the people at a rival chicken outfit. they came out in happy days. chuck was the favorite. and chip the favorite on "my three sons." >> are you more the brad garrett or raymond? >> i think my mom did a good job even on the playing field. did you have a similar situation? >> i'm the only boy. i'm in a special category. i'm the on
to washington after learning the n.s.a. had looked into her communications. >> hurricane raymond is now headings toward the pacific coast of mexico. the storm is packing 120-mile an hour winds. the national hurricane center says it could approach the mexican coast tonight or early tuesday morning. it could dump even more rain on acapulco, which got clapped by heavy flooding last month. for the latest, let's bring in meteorologist nicole mitchum. >> we now have 120-mile per hour winds, which means this is a major hurricane, a category three. it's close enough to the coastline that it's already been causing problems. this area is just to the north of acapulco. places like zewatanehu, if you remember that from "the shawshank redemption." not going to move too much for the next couple of days before eventually moving off to sea. we have a couple of days of these problems ahead. to get to the united states, we have low pressure pretty much over the great lakes region, with a front attached to that, not a lot of moisture, it has reinforced the cold air. we got a couple of shots last week through porti
saut chief investment strategist for raymond james. welcome back to the show, from st. petersburg as florida. hi, jeff. >> hi,, lori. lori: what should investors focus on now. >> no surprised debt ceiling debate got solved in the last minute. similar to the fiscal cliff crisis. the media will turn their attention now to the potential crisis which is put off until late january, early february. now at least in the short term it is in the rear view mirror. i think the markets will focus on earnings which i think will come in better than expected in the aggregate. the economy, which numbers will not be paid much attention to over the next few months, except for tomorrow's employment report. then the federal reserve, i spot that one right. it was not larry summers. it would be janet yellen all along. lori: you did. we'll give you credit for that. what risks do you see for the market? you expect a trifecta of bullish tailwinds to hit the u.s. equity markets, that is quite a statement. >> there is always the risk of a policy mistake out of d.c. beltway. always potential for black swan ev
're tracking a major storm, hurricane raymond, now strengthening to a category 3. it is moving closer to a popular resort town. the foxcast coming up. be >> right now a look at other stories we're bringing this hour. authorities in greece have a major mystery on their hands as they try to identify a little girl found with a band of gypsies. who is this so-called blonde angel? and how did she wind up with the couple now facing charges of child abduction? also buying breast milk on the internet. it is a trend among mothers who want to breastfeed their babies but cannot. now a new study reveals dangerous levels of bacteria in some breast milk bought online. we'll explain to you about that. also while you sleep, your brain is working overtime to clean out harmful toxins. more about how getting enough z's can actually help clear your head. it's all still to come. jenna: we're waiting for the president at the white house. we'll bring you there in a moment. meantime, we're tracking hurricane raymond, a category three storm barrelling toward mexico's pacific coast, very popular area. acapulco
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